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created by tom brown

Banks of Havana is an hour-long alternate history series that takes place in 1958 Cuba, prior to Fidel Castro’s seizure of power. The series centers around a disgraced MI6 agent, Fin Banks, who is seeking revenge against a foe from his past. Banks, a Briton of mixed race, has tracked his nemesis to Havana, the “Casablanca of Cuba."


In order to locate his nemesis, Banks enters the Cuban underworld of mobsters, corrupt politicians and CIA leading him to assassinate Fidel Castro on New Year’s Eve. His actions alter history which propels the world into an unknown future … beginning on the Banks of Havana.



Created by Tom Brown & Luis Cortina

When their company abandons them in the middle of Antarctica, two doctors are forced to fend for themselves. Running low on food, heat and supplies, they resort to cannibalism to survive the winter.


Six months later, the sole survivor rejoins civilization only to find himself facing questions about what happened to his friend, what were the true motivations of his employer and how to contain his newfound cravings for human flesh.

Hunger is an Hour-long psychological drama.

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