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Tom Brown is a five-time Emmy Award nominated producer who has worked in the TV & Film Industry for 20 years. Brown specializes in both live-action and animation in the formats of scripted, non-scripted and factual/documentary.


He has worked on over 200 TV commercials in Miami, and New York. In 2001, Brown moved to New York City and transitioned into producing animation for the Emmy Award winning New York studio, Little Airplane Productions. Serving there for 12 years as VP of Production and Operations, he was responsible for concurrent multi-million dollar projects. Clients included: BBC Cbeebies, CBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sprout.

In 2015 Brown joined Retro Report as VP of Business Operations.  Retro Report is a documentary news organization dedicated to examining stories after their headlines fade; it is non-partisan, non-profit, and independent. Partnerships include: PBS, The New York Times, American Experience, Quartz, Frontline.


Brown has produced short films which have been accepted and screened at: Palm Springs International Short Fest, Toronto International Short Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, NY Shorts Fest, LA Shorts Fest, Hollyshorts, and Cambridge Film Festival.

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