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Bupkis is a modern day entertainer who's trapped in a 1950's Borscht Belt Vaudevillian state of mind. As an outsider, he struggles to integrate with a society that can't relate to him. When his big break is imminent, he faces a choice: conform and find his connection with the audience or stay true to his antiquated ways and hope the audience "get's it!"

Writers: Tom Brown, Dave Jay Gerstein

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BRONX, NY A veteran Homicide Detective becomes increasingly demented and obsessed as he hunts down an unknown serial killer. In his quest, he loses his family, his sanity and possibly his life.This film is based on true events. (2017)


Director: TJ Sansone

Producers: Tom Brown, Michael Ricigliano

Writers: Michael Ricigliano, Sal Lifreri

Cast: Eduardo Ballerini, Ray Longo

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Charles is a Grim Reaper responsible for guiding souls to their afterlives. As he reaps the victims of a crazed serial killer, he stumbles upon Jennifer, a young girl on a mission to stop the slaughter. (2019)

Director: Elsa Levytsky

Producers: Tom Brown, Andrew Anthony

Cast: Callum Blue, Michael Shantz 


After a car accident, a cynical New Yorker must call for help on a mysterious pay phone that responds only to '411'. He gets Information, and in a twist of fate, much more than that. (2016)

Director: Oliver Power

Producer: Tom Brown

Writers: Rick Rosenberg, Oliver Power

Cast: Geoffrey Cantor, Mia Barron

        F. Murray Abraham

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Faced with an unconscionable tragedy, Max is forced to take matters into his own hands in order to save himself and his family. (2018)

Director: TJ Sansone

Producers: Tom Brown, TJ Sansone

Cast: Eduardo Ballernini, Ray Longo


Welcome to a place where a collection of Producer Saul Zaentz iconic film characters gather to reminisce, but all is not as it seems. (2015)

This film was conceived, shot, edited in 48 hrs as part of the PGA Make your Mark competition.


Director/Producers: TJ Sansone, Tom Brown

Writer: Tom Brown

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